Escape Gaume

A game of investigation and enigmas right in the center of Virton!

Principle of this escape game

With family, friends or for teambuilding, come live this immersive experience and become an investigator from the 1950s.

You will have one hour to accomplish your mission. Once the door is closed, the timer will start. However, our game master will be nearby if you need a little help.

This escape game located in the heart of Virton, can be done with a team of 2 to 6 people and the enigmas are accessibles to beginners as well as to initiates.

Please note, the animation has been translated but the gamemaster accompanying you does not necessarily speak your language. The welcome, introduction and instructions will be sent to you by the gamemaster in writing upon your arrival. You will have a few minutes to read all the documents at your disposal before entering the Escape. During the game, and if necessary, you can ask the gamemaster for translated paper clues for each of the puzzles.

Love & Rose'ali

Your mission : The mystery of the abbey

In the 18th century, 2000 Louis d’or disappeared from the office of Father Abbé Cornélius, former treasurer of the Abbey of Orval. When he died, several monks searched for this treasure, in vain…

Build your investigation team, go back in time and help us solve this mystery! But be careful, think carefully before embarking on this quest! Your time is limited and you will only have an hour to achieve it, not a minute more. Many others have tried before you and got stuck in space-time… You are our last chance. This time, if we do not solve this mystery, a great misfortune could befall the walls of the abbey. So, are you ready to attempt the impossible?



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Love & Rose'ali
Love & Rose'ali
Love & Rose'ali
Love & Rose'ali
Love & Rose'ali

Escape Gaume

Rue du Curé , 1 à B-6760 Virton
+32 (0)470 28 15 14

Les sanitaires ne sont pas accessibles, prenez vos précautions.

L’escape Gaume n’est pas accessible aux PMR.


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