French-German military cemetery (1914) in Baranzy

French-German military cemetery (1914) in Baranzy


This mixed military cemetry is located long the road towards Arlon between Signeulx and Baranzy.This mixed military cemetery is located along the national road towards Arlon, on the left hand side between Signeulx and Baranzy. It was created very quickly by the Germans after the combat of 22 August 1914. There are 450 French graves of the soldiers killed on 22 August 1914 in Bleid and Signeulx. Among these French crosses can be found those for Commandant Laplace, head of the 2nd battalion of the 101st infantry regiment, killed in Bleid, captains Ferraton, Chameroy and Battesti of the same battalion, and many others. There are 511 German graves, most of them combatants killed in August 1914 although many of the plaques show dates in 1917 and 1918... One of these graves will catch your attention: for the soldier Stephan Buchele from Liezenhofen, a reservist in the 124th infantry regiment, born in October 1890 and killed in Bleid on 22 August 1914.


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