Permanent signposted walk “In the tracks of 1914-18

Permanent signposted walk “In the tracks of 1914-18


’The signposted walk, ‘In the footsteps of WWI’, is a unique opportunity to discover the history of the First World War in Rossignol. This walk tackles various themes: battles, those involved, forces presence, monuments and the Rossignol region, over a route covering about twenty stages. Two itineraries are offered: - The first, over 7 km, does not present any major difficulties: slightly uneven ground and a short walk through a forest. It should take about 2 hours to walk. - The second, over 9 km, is a longer walk through the forest and is only recommended for experienced walkers, who are comfortable walking for 3 hours. The route starts with an interactive terminal next to the church in Rossignol. There you will find all the information you will need about the walk.A unique opportunity to learn about World War I history in Rossignol through an educational route in twenty stages.This walk covers a variety of themes: battles, participants, forces present, monuments and the Rossignol region. There are two itineraries to choose from: - The first, 7km, is not difficult: slight elevation, short section in the woods. 2 hours of walking. - The second, 9km, includes a longer section in the woods and is for more experienced walkers, who can expect 3 hours of walking.The route begins with an interactive terminal next to Rossignol church.
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