Exhibition of animals pictures
From 02 Sep.
To 28 Oct.

From 02 Sep.
To 28 Oct.

Exhibition of animals pictures


Exhibition of photographer Yves Bauduin's animal pictures "Regard sauvage"

Yves Bauduin is born in Ixelles in 1969, he has lived in the area of Florenville for about fifty years. He started surveying the Semois when he was a child as a young angler. This heaven of marvels became later his enjoyment land, on which he watches nearly every day wild animals. Stags does continuously imbibe his soul. This mythical animal has become the core of his work. He tries to help letting them getting old as much as he can, and this is a real struggle about hunting, and a positive result comes slowly!
In 2010, he published his first work at the éditions Weyrich publisher : « Semois Sauvage » became a best seller, and it got published again in 2015. In 2012, he published « Dans la forêt ardennaise » that should soon be published again. A great number of other books are illustrated by his pictures.
His « Terrier urbain » picture got awarded the Grand Prix du Festival Agrinature in 2015. It is a fox cub caught at the window of an abandoned farm in the center of Florenville, a thumbnail sketch on which time stops like by magic.... The « Parasol de fortune » picture was also awarded by the public's award at the same festival in 2016.
His last exhibition, in November 2019, was for him a moment of grace he shared with his uncle Georges, an 85-year-old multi-talented watercolour painter.

This new exhibition « Regard sauvage » shows a some of the pictures he made since his beginings till nowadays.


Free access everyday at the first floor of the Tourist Office


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