Ruins of Montquintin castle (Major Walloon Heritage Site)

Ruins of Montquintin castle (Major Walloon Heritage Site)


Louis II had this castle built in order to protect his boundaries from different attackers. As for the date of the construction, it is not precise and could be situated between the 11th and the 13th centuries.Visit Montquintin castle, set in a ‘hill village’, and admire the rippling and contrasting views!Louis II had this castle built to protect the borders from various assailants. The exact date of construction is not known and could be between the 11th and 13th centuries. The castle suffered numerous attacks and was destroyed and rebuilt many times. The castle has had many lords but the most famous is unquestionably the bishop Johann Nikolaus von Hontheim. It was he who, under the pseudonym of Febronius, published the treatise “On the state of the church” against the power of the papacy. This castle is now the property of the municipality of Rouvroy who have given an emphyteutic lease to a historian who is restoring it little by little. The Kélyddon foundation organises restoration workshops for volunteers annually, in the first fortnight of August.


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