Le Plateau French military cemetery (1918) in Rossignol

Le Plateau French military cemetery (1918) in Rossignol


In the woods of Rossignol, there are two French military cemeteries that gather bodies of soldiers who died during the Battle of the borders which opposed the French army to the German one in August 1914. This peaceful cemetery in in the woods and it is part of the civilian herotage of Wallonia. This peaceful cemetery, set in the forest, is part of Wallonia’s civil heritage.In 1917 the Germans decided to create military cemeteries for the bodies of thousands of German and French soldiers killed during the combat in Rossignol on 22 August 1914. 887 soldiers were initially buried there: 738 French, 148 German and 1 Russian. The necropolis was designed in a regular hexagonal shape and the graves set in a circle around a monument in the centre. After the war, many French families repatriated the bodies, while the German remains were put in the cemetery in Termes and then in Virton.


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