Bellevue French-German military cemetery in Virton

Bellevue French-German military cemetery in Virton


In August 1914, bloody battles between the French and German armies took place in the area of Virton. Thousands of dead soldiers were temporarily burried in common graves.In August 1914, bloody clashes occurred in the Virton region between the French and Germans. This cemetery holds both French and German soldiers.Since 1915 the cemetery has held the thousands of fallen soldiers temporarily buried in shared graves. The bodies were identified insofar as was possible and handwritten lists were compiled by civilian gravediggers. This necropolis, at the top of Bellevue cemetery, holds 300 individual French graves and 330 German graves (each German grave containing 4 bodies). The French ossuary contains the remains of 2,139 unknown soldiers, and the German ossuary 306. There is one grave of a woman: a nurse.


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