Gérouville’s linden and its thatched roof

Gérouville’s linden and its thatched roof


A mushroom-shaped tree with a thatched roof … That is the unusual story that you’ll discover on the main square of Gérouville. In 1259, the inhabitants of this new village were summoned to elect the very first administration of the town. In order to commemorate this event, the villagers planted one elm at each corner of the village’s square. The last one fell in February 1877 after strong winds. A senator named Lambiotte then bought it, decided to dig the trunk and placed a bench inside it, that could host 6 people. In 1922, the senator gave the elm back to the Gérouville municipality, who placed it near its original place, the Linden Square. It is probably because it was placed there that this elm has since been called a linden


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