Exhibition Corentin Lespagnol

Exhibition Corentin Lespagnol


From Mondays till Fridays from 9 till 16:30 at the Culture Center of RossignolA photograph exhibition that enables us to (re)discover the Gaume area through the "objective" look of an artist.
Corentin Lespagnol's explanations
"Some viewpoints that represent first of all some significant elements of the area: water, forest, railways, fields, animals, agricultural world, history, wood industry and so on. The challenge was not to fall into the trap of cliché, and not to make beautiful pictures for beauty but instead something significative."
The exhibition does then not consists in a serie of postcards about Gaume, but instead in a real artistic process as Corentin Lespagnol explains: « Some pictures are sometumes at the limit between fiction and reality in order to cause a doubt in the mind of the watchers, to bring them questioning their relation to reality, to what they already know, to bring them seeing reality in another way. »


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