5 good reasons to come in Gaume

Well, actually, there are more than 5…

Do you know our region, the Gaume? It is a tiny 750km² piece of land, located at the very South of Belgium, where life is nice and warm thanks to the microclimate and the friendly inhabitants!

So, if you’re still wondering why you would ever come to visit Gaume, here are some reasons that might make your feet itchy…

For the Semois: At first large, quiet, and soft, … and then narrow, lively and exuberant… the Semois in Gaume gives wonderful wild or equipped beaches to play around or to rest. For the adventurers, it features one of most beautiful kayak trip to discover, that will show you the hidden meanders of the Semois…

To hike and to discover breath taking landscapes: In Gaume, the nature is one of the essential elements. Its hardwoods forests, its clear water rivers, its wildlife, and its flora… Everything gives the wanderer a unique softness and feelings of peace and tranquillity. The cuestas, those geologic Belgian curiosities, accentuate the feeling of serenity. Come and enjoy more than 1200 km of walking or trekking!

Trekking & Voyage

For its warm welcome: The reputation of Gaume’s people is no longer to be done… Welcoming, warm, and good-natured, they will be delighted to make you discover their beloved region. The almost Provencal microclimate of the region and the ochre stone of its villages contribute to making the Gaume radiate warmth!

For its gastronomy: Gastronomy in Gaume is, first of all, generosity! Between craft or Trappist beers, cheeses, Gaume’s pâté or sausage, foodies will feast! Among the traditional dishes, you’ll also find the touffaye, a local dish made with potatoes, onions and bacon. Beverages are famous too: the Zigomar will satisfy the sweet wines lovers, while the vineyards of Torgny will fulfil every craving of great grape variety, especially with the sparkling pinot noir, produced only in this village!   

Kévin Manand

For the historical and cultural heritage: Gaume is a land of culture and character, with a great History and particularly rich traditions … In Virton, the Gaume Museum will take you through time, between archaeology, art, ethnography, traditions and legends. The Baillet-Latour Museums tell the story of the Baillet-Latour, one of the most notable families of the region, along with the story of the Bataille des Frontières (Battle of the Borders), in 1914 – a landmark episode of the History in Gaume. The region was also a hotspot of the steel industry: the site of Montauban is a very good witness of this time. For people that are fond of history, spirituality, and gastronomy, the Abbey of Orval is an absolute must, that doesn’t need to be presented anymore!

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So, are you ready for a journey in Gaume?

We look forward to meeting you!

The House of Tourism in Gaume Team